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About Us

Since 2010 Folly&Glee have been on a mission to re-vive, re-purpose and re-vamp your lighting.

It’s great to see traditional handsewn tailored lampshades back in fashion. Our copper wire frames are made especially for us here in Sussex in every shape and dimension imaginable. 

Our grandparents would have made the lampshades for their home themselves. Those skills were in danger of being lost so I’m delighted to be teaching a new generation of shade-makers at our popular workshops. Our DIY lampshade sewing kits are proving a great success too.

Customers were always asking for our help in tracking down the perfect lamp base so so we now offer a complete re-furbishment service including re-painting, polishing and re-wiring with a funky coloured silk flex. You’d be amazed what makes a fantastic lamp – recent commissions include pendants from vintage colanders and jelly moulds, table lamps from crystal decanters and floor lamps from wooden shoe lasts. 

We cover lampshades in customer’s own fabric- including unusual requests such as a wedding dress silk- but my first love will always be original mid-century cotton barkcloths. The wonderful nubby texture and intensity of colour just can’t be replicated by modern fabrics.

We hope you enjoy browsing and find something to fall in love with. We are always happy to discuss a project with you so get in touch at if you need something special.


Polly and the F&G gang